Activists Celebrate Mumia Abu-Jamal’s 69th Birthday, Which Is Today (4/24/23)

Continuing the tradition of fixing my goofs here: I meant to say that Mumia Abu-Jamal was “the first Black radical blogger.” And by the way, The Daily Challenge was/is an African-American newspaper.

My Conversation w/Dayvon Love Of The Leaders Of A Beautiful Struggle About “The Intellectual Legacy of Mumia Abu-Jamal”

I wanted to fix some goofs and omissions here from this November 2022 interview. The name of the Philadelphia NAACP president I didn’t remember was Cecil Moore. The “Hinton” I mentioned was Elizabeth Hinton. Also, I meant “ECO-system,” not “ECHO-system.” And the documentary with Raoul Peck was Exterminate All The Brutes, available on HBO Max, platform also containing 40 Years a Prisoner, Mike Africa Jr.’s journey with his MOVE parents.

#BlackPowerMedia : Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Denies #MumiaAbuJamal’s Petition For Evidentiary Hearing

The decision can be read here.

Jared Ball, Black Power Media and “The Penny Trick:” What I Thought About Peacock’s “Lowndes County and The Road To Black Power”

As usual, I’ve gotta come here to fix my many goofs! The “her” I’m talking about @ 00:27:00 is Melissa Haizlip, director of the Mr. Soul film and the niece of the Soul! host/producer.

“Bearing Witness In The Case Of Mumia Abu-Jamal” Forum

#BlackPowerMedia Provides A Clear Outline As To Why #MumiaAbuJamal Should Get A New Trial Or Be Freed Immediately