Interesting That These Rich, Famous Network Anchors/Hosts…..

…..have openly demoted themselves to special correspondents. I’d like to think it’s a public commentary on the limitations of network anchoring and a true hunger to produce 20th-century, middlebrow magazine-like narrative–and those professional aspects might play a part. But hearing these goodbyes, it really sounds more like the intimate results of a work-life balance self-inventory, a real understanding that they are in a post-COVID/pre-old-age-illness vortex. (I mean, even Amy Goodman–who used to helm Democracy Now! no matter how sick she got!–actually took a day off last week to be part of a relative’s graduation.) In Chuck’s case, it’s almost like someone in his family told him, “You’re missing it.” Well, now he, Judy and Rachel won’t.

Dr. #JaredBall and I Discuss Jonathan Eig’s “Martin Luther King, A Life” On #BlackPowerMedia

Hands-down, one of our better public discussions, on #BlackPowerMedia or anywhere.

Correcting the now-typical goof I make when I talk too long 🙂 : I think it’s more accurate to say that Mahatma Gandhi was a supporter of African independence in his later years, not a Pan-Africanist per se.

The Western Fantasy Construction At The Core Of Writing About Martin Luther King, Jr.

I’ll try to talk about this on Saturday when I’m on #BlackPowerMedia with Dr. Jared Ball to talk about Jonathan Eig’s King: A Life.

BREAKING NEWS: Seton Hall University Africana Victory

🙂 What’s the phrase? “If we fight, we win,” right? So they fought and won! Congrats to the courageous Seton Hall University students and the integrity-filled leadership of past Africana director Dr. Kelly Harris and current, interim director Forrest Pritchett!

Dhrouba bin Wahad, Circa 1992

Watching Dr. Jared Ball’s recent series of interviews with Dhoruba al-Mujahid bin Wahad on Black Power Media led me to finally check out Passin’ It On, the documentary about his life. It is a clear explanation.

Activists Celebrate Mumia Abu-Jamal’s 69th Birthday, Which Is Today (4/24/23)

Continuing the tradition of fixing my goofs here: I meant to say that Mumia Abu-Jamal was “the first Black radical blogger.” And by the way, The Daily Challenge was/is an African-American newspaper.

My Conversation w/Dayvon Love Of The Leaders Of A Beautiful Struggle About “The Intellectual Legacy of Mumia Abu-Jamal”

I wanted to fix some goofs and omissions here from this November 2022 interview. The name of the Philadelphia NAACP president I didn’t remember was Cecil Moore. The “Hinton” I mentioned was Elizabeth Hinton. Also, I meant “ECO-system,” not “ECHO-system.” And the documentary with Raoul Peck was Exterminate All The Brutes, available on HBO Max, platform also containing 40 Years a Prisoner, Mike Africa Jr.’s journey with his MOVE parents.