Links To Select Publications

Son-Shine on Cracked Sidewalks (an audiobook on the 2014 Newark, N.J. mayoral campaign of Ras Baraka after the death of his father, Amiri Baraka)

A Lie of Reinvention: Correcting Manning Marable’s Malcolm X (my chapter is here; my first review of Manning Marable’s Malcolm X biography is here, with a revised version in this book)

A People’s Biography of Ida B. Wells 

Ready to Party: Mumia Abu-Jamal And The Black Panther Party

Remembering 13th and Locust, 25 Years Later

James Baldwin Scholars Confront France

My book reviews for

My articles for The Root

My articles for Atlanta Black Star

My articles for Black Agenda Report

My articles (and other material) for

Film Review: A Radio Journalist’s Ear To, And Voice Of, A People

Book Review: The Forgotten: Re-issued Book Tells The Story of Newark’s 41-Year-Old Insurrection, And The Reporter It Swallowed

Book Review: Eat, Seethe, Hate: A Young Filmmaker Recalls His Caged Bird Years

Book Review: A Real-Life (Dan And Huey) Freeman

Book Review: The Screams And The Hopes Of The Invisible

Book Review: Veronica & The Case Of Mumia Abu-Jamal

Book Review: Demons, Twinned And Intertwined

Book Review: In Africa, Cassius Turns His Back, While Malcolm Turns Forward

[JOURNAL ARTICLE] No Common Ground Left: Freedomways, Black Communists vs. Black Nationalism/Pan-Africanism (co-authored with Olive Vassell)

[JOURNAL ARTICLE] The Black Ivy Influencer: How An “Outsider” Black Newsletter Became An Inside Force At The Columbia University Journalism School (co-authored with Wayne J. Dawkins) 

[JOURNAL ARTICLE] “No Other But A Negro Can Represent the Negro”: How Black Newspapers “Founded” Black America and Black Britain (co-authored with Olive Vassell)

[ACADEMIC ESSAY] (When) Should Black People Voluntarily Segregate Themselves? W.E.B. Du Bois’ Battle With The NAACP In The Pages Of The Crisis magazine 

[ACADEMIC ESSAY] An Origin Story of Gary Byrd, From “Disc Journalist” to “World African Griot”

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