Thank You, Steve Ditko…….

…..for Spider-Man (!), Doctor Strange and The Question!



Thank You, Anonthy Bourdain

You went around the world. Showed culture. Talked to people. Listened to what they said. That’s all that supposed to be done.

Sorry that your demons caught up with you, because I would have liked to have known that more stories were coming from you.


…..the IMIXWHATILIKE Crew for the opportunity, Highline College and Seattle Central College for their commitment to us,

and TERP magazine for this article!

And a special thanks to Dr. Darryl Brice and Sister Yoshiko Harden for hosting us while in Seattle!

My Latest Book Review, About The Power Of The 20th Century Black Press……

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The Abstract For My New Journal Article, Published In The Howard (University) Journal of Communications,…….

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