106-Word Review of “Being The Ricardos”

Pre-feminist positioning

Yes, the impersonations are far from perfect. No, regardless of what you’ve heard or read, the acting is great–particularly J.K. Simmons as William Frawley/Fred Mertz. Yes, it’s amazing to see that two of the smartest people in Hollywood in the early 1950s were a has-been movie-star white woman and a Latin signer, actor and bandleader. Although it takes the now-standard liberties with the truth, this whole flick is about how innately intelligent and savvy they were–how both were five steps ahead of everyone else. In the end, this docudrama shows, if not argues, that they were too smart and too powerful for each other.

66-Word Review of “The Matrix: Resurrections”

Through the looking glass, again

To choose is to be fully awake, no matter where you are. A very meta, refreshingly simple story about two super white people and their Black, brown and yellow friends. By stripping the story to the core, it becomes hyper-accessible and enjoyable. But I get the feeling that this franchise’s time has past–that Neo is no longer new, Trinity no longer the magic number.