I Heart “Riverdale” (Because It’s Unapologetically…….)


…..a tricked-out “Dawson’s Creek,” which is funny, since “Creek” was tricked out Archie Comics.

I’m with the critics: more, much more.

Enjoyed the all-Black Josie and the Pussycats, and the Black “Pops” Tate!

And, um, boy, Archie, Miss Grundy and Big Moose, tho….. 🙂

69-Word Review of “Doctor Strange”


If you don’t care that you’ve seen this movie before (*cough* “Iron Man” *cough*, etc.), you will find it enjoyable and very funny. Marvel is sticking too close to its formula. This movie could have really delivered in a lot of ways, but chose to play it safe and instead color by (psychedelic) numbers. And I did enjoy the white female Ancient One, but I felt bad doing so.

The First Time I Heard Of Doctor Strange……

…..was in this “rockcomic” album from Buddah Records, which I had at the age of four or so in 1972. It’s called “Spider-Man: From Beyond The Grave.”

It was a full-length album. The album cover folded out into a centerfold comic pictures that matched the album. So you could “read” the story while listening.

My Root Article On Wonder Woman vs. Real African Women As U.N. Ambassador For Women And Girls…..


……..is here.

I’ve since learned that there are different types of U.N. ambassadors: some for fantasy characters and some for real ones. DECEMBER 21 UPDATE: Not that it mattered, I see.