Now We Are Ten!

I’m happy to say what I’ve been saying for a decade now: THANKS for the blog, Saswat!

(And this “Multiplication Rock” song is one of my favorite “Schoolhouse Rock” songs. 🙂 )


My Root Article On Alex Haley and “Roots”……..


…….is here.

Thank You, Yvonne Craig

I remember as a little kid in the 1970s, watching “Batman” EVERY WEEKDAY, I really, really liked her, but didn’t yet understand why! LOL! (Her abilities obviously included the skill to breathe and move in that costume. 🙂 ) After I saw Batgirl, I then decided that any episode with her in it was one of the good ones.

CNN reminds me that she was the first female superhero on television. I never thought of that, then or now!

It also took me years later to realize that Batgirl coincided with Eartha Kitt’s Catwoman! (Double score! LOL! 🙂 ) And Catwoman hated Batgirl!