Batgirl and Catwoman, On 1970s Tee Vee Every Day

Until I started watching the 1960s “Batman” show on ME-TV’s “Sci-Fi Saturday,” one of my summer pastimes was to watch this show on youtube.

As a kid in the mid-1970s, watching weekdays in endless syndicated reruns, I thought the “Batman” TV show was perfection. It was the only show on TV that met all my needs: pacing, color, action, cool music, a trap, and more action!

(Serious aside: Did anybody know that Burgess Meredith, who most remember from his Penguin role here, ABC’ s “Those Amazing Animals” and the “Rocky” films, was the director for James Baldwin’s “Blues For Mister Charlie?”)

I remember when I first saw Batgirl on the show. I really liked her, but had no idea why.  Now, as a adult, looking at that practically painted-on costume, I can guess! LOL! From that time on, a “good” Batman episode was one that had Batgirl in it. (But a friend of mine once pointed out when we were in our early teens that if a villain amputated one of her legs, that would be it for her as a crimefighter. 😉 )

I now know that the Batgirl episodes (all of Season 3) are the worst, but what helps me deal with it is that reality is that they are also the ones that star Eartha Kitt as Catwoman!

Heeheeheeheeheehee……Catwoman has come upon some hard times, clearly. 🙂

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