Now We Are Thirteen!

Wow! This blog is almost 15 years old! My first (or second) non-“Schoolhouse Rock”-oriented anniversary, since I’ve run out! I’m so happy to remember, and subsequently to present, this substitute! Thanks, as always, Saswat, for this blog!

That Time We Visited The Barakas

I don’t remember what year this was, but I do recall how kind the Barakas were. Long had I promised to take Saswat to meet the Barakas, so when his father came to visit from India, the time was more than right. Saswat’s dad is a major poet and activist, and was very happy to meet them. Lez Edmond never missed a good time, and knew Mr. Baraka for decades. So, stars properly aligned, we all got together and Saswat, the creator of this blog, pulled out his camcorder.