“Black Panther: Wakanda Forever” Trailer

It’s gonna be alright? 🙂

“Black Panther” Movie Less Than Two Years Away! :)

Black Panther Movie Cast

I like the casting news!

A lot is expected from this film, and I think Marvel Films, after 13 middling to massive hits, will not let this one falter. I think “Captain America: Civil War,” the greatest Marvel movie yet, did a good job of introducing him.


No “Rocky 7” Jokes Or Groans Please, Because This “Creed” Trailer Looks Really Good!

Okay, I’m won over! The day before seeing this, I saw (and really liked!) “Rocky Balboa,” so I was set to like “Creed!”

SEPTEMBER 19th UPDATE: Here’s the new trailer, which has me even more excited!