Free Marylin Zuniga!

The above video is from April. The photos and video below are from last night.




Zuniga Crying


So long as one just person is silenced, there is no justice.”–Mumia Abu-Jamal

(That’s the issue, right? Boy, irony abounds in Black/Brown life! :))

The next meeting of the Orange Board of Education is Tuesday, my old newspaper said.

I’ve long argued Mumia Abu-Jamal was a political prisoner of the First Amendment, and I understand that what Ms. Zuniga did was not in regulation with Orange Board of Education policy, but this looks like she’s a prisoner of the First Amendment, too!

MAY 15th UPDATE: Sad, but not surprising.

2 responses to “Free Marylin Zuniga!

  1. I can understand the spirit of Marilyn Zuniga’s intentions in wanting her students to understand the world outside of their classroom. However, as an Educator, I have mixed feelings about what exactly did she accomplish by having students write letters to a incarcerated political activist. It was a case of academic poor judgment from her end, since her students (and their families) could have been endangered from those who know Mr. Abu-Jamal or other felons. Student safety supersedes everything else in writing letters to those who are incarcerated.

    Ms. Zuniga could have ran this idea by her administration and sought parental permission before carrying out this voluntary classroom assignment in regards to student safety. Another idea, the she could have explored, was to provide alternative persons for students send letters. Do I think that she be terminated, absolutely not, because these actions should not be held against her. In the future, if teachers have any doubts or concerns about the ramifications of questionable classroom assignments, district protocols must be developed to prevent incidents, such as this one. It was a teachable moment for all involved parties.

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