The Speech That Got Marc Lamont Hill Fired From CNN

Shades of Andrew Young?


My New Article From The United Nations About The New U.N. Deputy Secretary-General…..

Panel discussion on ÒKnowledge from experience: Building the post-2015 development agenda with people living in extreme povertyÓ [organized by the International Movement ATD Fourth World, in collaboration with the Permanent Missions of France, Peru and the Philippines, the Organization International of la Francophonie (OIF), the Non-Governmental Liaison Service (NGLS), the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, the Institute of Development Studies (IDS), the International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) and Social Watch]

…….is here.

New United Nations Secretary General António Guterres Speaks About African Union Summit


My Root Article On Wonder Woman vs. Real African Women As U.N. Ambassador For Women And Girls…..


…… here.

I’ve since learned that there are different types of U.N. ambassadors: some for fantasy characters and some for real ones. DECEMBER 21 UPDATE: Not that it mattered, I see.