And Now, The Geek News:

Okay, THIS would be the geek news of the month


(with a special note of this grievous wrong “writed” 🙂 )



but, of course, it was superceded by this journalistic-superhero stream crossing!

BP Coates

Coates is one of the greatest nonfiction writers of my generation, but he is a little too, uh, um, mainstream and American for me, so I’m interested to see if fantasy will allow him to really open up, as it were. Marvel’s Black Panther will be the perfect vehicle for that.

So What Should We Do With Cornel West?

Cornel West

Nothing. But read him, argue with him, think about what he is saying. Accept him. Dismiss him. Say he’s lost itThink him a hater. Miss him when he becomes an Ancestor, because he stands up and talks loud when others are silent (like when Mumia Abu-Jamal was dying), and gets cuffed with others just talk.