BREAKING NEWS: Seton Hall University Africana Victory

🙂 What’s the phrase? “If we fight, we win,” right? So they fought and won! Congrats to the courageous Seton Hall University students and the integrity-filled leadership of past Africana director Dr. Kelly Harris and current, interim director Forrest Pritchett!

Asante Sana, Dr. Julia (“Judy”) Miller and Glen Ford

The Male Principle and The Female Principle, grit and fierceness inner and outward.

Coming out of the 1960s into the 1970s, both pioneers filled with revolutionary consciousness, both using work to create new space for words to propel The Race forward.

One celebrated for her expansive heart, the other celebrated for his sharp machete.

Personal versus/and ideological.

But both understood the power of planting yourself within a role, and then being left to the never-ending, back-breaking, un-privledged, un-advantaged labor of pulling out your own weeds.

And, by doing that, creating your own eras.