A 169-Word Review of the First Season of The CW’s “Superman and Lois” [SPOILERS!!!!!]

The epitome of work-life balance family drama, but with flights and tights

The show’s first season begins with the death of a mother and ends with the burial of a father, with the middle filled in with what family members create. A very radical combo of Man of Steel, Smallville and Lois and Clark merges with the last 30 years of Superman comics into a meditation on the sustaining of the family unit from primarily two sources–the Kents and the Cushings (Lana Lang’s brood). The finale teaser for Season 2 shows the reconstitution of a third as a result of, appropriately, a rocket landing at the Kent farm. The CW-ish, almost-emerging-adult inside shows that the family dynamics have just begun to shift, with Lois being given one hell of a personal retcon of sorts and the boys gaining a sister (pun intended). Having Superman go to a mental-emotional space where he has to prioritize the world most important to him at the moment will continue to make him not only relevant, but even a more permanent part of American folklore.

Finally! Iris Allen Becoming More Than Just…….


….the oblivious would-be girlfriend of the hero’s secret ID!

Yes, I agree with this!

As a devoted “Smallville” fan (I own the box set), I’m happy to see that CW’s “The Flash” is doing plot stuff in less than one season that took years on that Clark Kent show!

(“Smallville” and all the superhero movies that screened since the TV show’s 2001 premiere made audiences comfortable with watching superheroes on television again. And the CW is sure talking advantage of it!)

Too much fun!