Wow! “Flash”/”Arrow” Universe Spinoff And New One! Wow! (CW’s “Legends of Tomorrow” and CBS’ “Supergirl”)

LOL! Lookit Arthur Darvill (“Rory”) doing HIS Doctor, with long David Tennant-like coat and stuff! LOL! 🙂 Long time to January!

Hmm…..a Black Jimmy Olsen and the return of Calista Flockhart to network television? Not too bad. It’ll move to the CW when CBS screws with it. 🙂

(Everything I liked got renewed: “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” “Agent Carter,” “Arrow,” “Flash,” “Gotham,” and now the above stuff added! That’s a LOT of comicbook network TV!)


“Flash” is now my new favorite show, but I still want to see this “Arrow” season finale on Wednesday!

And I think Oliver is returning the favor next week! Look below:

And look some more–with some soon-to-be-starring-in-the-spinoff-stars–during the “Flash” season finale the following Tuesday!

Finally! Iris Allen Becoming More Than Just…….


….the oblivious would-be girlfriend of the hero’s secret ID!

Yes, I agree with this!

As a devoted “Smallville” fan (I own the box set), I’m happy to see that CW’s “The Flash” is doing plot stuff in less than one season that took years on that Clark Kent show!

(“Smallville” and all the superhero movies that screened since the TV show’s 2001 premiere made audiences comfortable with watching superheroes on television again. And the CW is sure talking advantage of it!)

Too much fun!