Why I Like The (Deceptively?) Silly “She-Hulk, Attorney At Law”

A goofy feminist mystique

So what if you are satisfied with being a slightly-above-average-but-anonymous person enjoying the VIP box in the Olympics and somebody slips you a magic elixir that, at will, turns you into a gold medalist, with all perks and stature afforded that? How does that affect your psychology, especially if you are an over-educated, professional woman in a sexist society? This Ally McBeal homage is getting closer and closer to that idea with each passing episode. I’m still waiting for the old/new Daredevil to show up, and, unlike my current dragon-show obsessions, most of the episodes are shallow and completely forgettable–yes, even for a sitcom! But the thematic query, now reaching the center of it, is interesting.