Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda”

For some reason, this music video is breaking download records. :)

(This may be the first time I’ve ever wanted to be Drake! LOL!)

The one-millionth sign that pornography is mainstream. And it’s a little sad to see Sir Mix-a-Lot’s (admittedly misogynistic) anti-white supremacy anthem further degenerated, even if it’s done tongue-in-cheek (?).

AUGUST 25th UPDATE: And Sir Mix-a-Lot liked it, and the son set in the West. :)

AUGUST 25th UPDATE: Okay…….. And then there was this:

“Doctor Who:” The Countdown Continues!

This movie gets a bad rap: Yeah, yeah, “The Americanization of ‘Doctor Who.'” But they continued, not rebooted, the series, and deeply respected its content!

It aired opposite the series finale of “Roseanne,” so only Whovians watched it when it aired on FOX in 1996. :)

The filmmakers allegedly watched all 600 episodes of “Doctor Who” to figure it out, but, unfortunately, they emphasized the wrong things, IMHO.

But I thought this was a GREAT attempt, and I would have loved to watched this for a season or two!

He came back below, during the show’s 50th anniversary celebration. It was a prequel to the 50th anniversary story.