Marvel Miscellaneous (“Captain America: Civil War” Related)


One gamillion days to “Captain America: Civil War,” so I read stuff like this and this (I even saw it before Disney got it yanked off of YouTube!) and this and this and this and wait.

Melki Speaks His Mind (On “Empire” Season 2 and Trevor Noah, “The Daily Show”‘s New Host)


I have begged my friend Melki to get a blog so he can share all these comments on emails he sends to me, and instead he just gives me permission to use them. So, here goes:

On “Empire”‘s second season:



The good thing about “Empire” coming back, Melki, is that it diverts attention from the news that the Bill Cosby total is now PAST 50!

This is great in many ways only because it reminds me of early hiphop and jazz when all the great artists worked together on the same projects. Ludacris had a role in this episode and my man who played with Wesley Snipes in Sugar Hill. All these great actors who won’t getting no shine from Hollywood. With Empire and Kevin Hart’s Real Husbands eury black actor is getting some checks and Tyler Perry’s name ain’t on it no more! LOL! :)

So I can use this for the “Drums” blog, Melki?

sure! I just don’t want the Lion trying to roll up on me! These internet streets is real, sun!



So, Melki, what do you think about the brother who’s taken over from Jon Stewart?

All I can say is Trevor is way funnier than John Stewart.
Sadly, well not too sadly, but he and John Oliver are the funniest and hardest hitting right now.
Haven’t seen the latest Colbert *&$! and “The Nightly Show” is running 3rd in the realm of news satire.
Oliver’s addressing of the issues and Noah’s comedic timing put them above every one else.
Wilmore is on their trail and is blacker which is always good!

Urban News Service, Huh? Okay, Bring It!


Hmmm. A rival to the Trice Edney News Wire. Shades of the Associated Negro Press vs. the NNPA News Service!

For the sake of national Black journalism not narrowed down to one person, his may have to be the first time I’m ever gonna root for something led by Niger Innis! Maybe…..!

Christopher James Priest Talks About His Time As The Writer Of Marvel’s “Black Panther”


My favorite comicbook author not named Grant Morrison :) talks about his run–my all-time favorite in the 49 years of the character’s existence. Priest’s run that made me a “Black Panther” fan! I no longer collect comics, but I will make an exception for this Priest BP collection!

(And I want to point out that what Priest says in Part One is what I say in my chapter of “Ages of the Avengers.”)

Ta-Nehisi Coates has his work cut out for him! But I’m sure he knows that!