My Root Story On Howard University And WHUT-TV……

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(Yes, I re-posted this great hour of Black public affairs programming!)

Melki On The Trumpet Awards

So, Melki, are you watching the Trumpet Awards, a.k.a. now The Al Sharpton Awards?

It’s a seamless transition from previous productions and an actual awards show that you can watch with your children where big stars actually show up.
They had Rev. Joseph Lowery up there and he’s still entertaining at 94 years old.

There’s a real political edge this year that addresses police brutality heavily and that’s all Rev. Al’s work.

A lot of Negus hate on Rev. Al, but they probably sitting there with their kids watching the Trumpet Awards now!!!

Do revolutionary’s eat Fried Chicken???

Um, I guess. Anything else?

I just wanna mention ‎Xernona Clayton, who carried the banner for the beginning for the Trumpet Awards. She deserves all the respect in the world for positioning the show to a place where people like TV One and Rev. Al could take it to another level. Her job was much harder.

Cool. I have a Black Press Fellowship named after her!