Guest Blogger Melki: ASPIRE TV Is Representing Well!


From an avid TV watcher: 🙂

You have to like ASPIRE TV and what they are doing with the ABFF independent films.

They will have a new host–David Banner–in August to replace host Omari Hardwick who’s blown up in 50 Cent’s “Power” on the STARZ Network (and a prototype for “Empire”). One film in particular, “The Collegians,” has great cinematography and is filmed mostly in earth colors–brown, green some red. This is the first time I’ve seen -maybe first time I really notice- producers using colors that benefit us –like Essence magazine. It contrasts with what white folks have worked for themselves in those dull colored light blue/dark blue contrast films. It’s a glimpse into the “Black World” that exists in another dimension and here at times—like the old hilarious skit from “In Living Color.” Once one of my books becomes a film, I’d like to work with the cinematographer for that film or at least utilize that style of color contrasts.