Book Micro-Review: The True Believer

A Revolutionary For Our Time: The Walter Rodney Story.
Leo Zeilig.
Chicago: Haymarket Books, 340 pp., $22.95.

Quite a revelation about the power and pitfalls of complete faith in a revolutionary Tanzania and Guyana. The un-mentioned truth of this just-the-facts bio is that the Black world still produces people exactly like this in terms of energy and focus, but the difference is that they are completely and happily colonized. Reading this book from the 2022 prism was like absorbing very detailed speculative fiction. Rodney is the grassroots servant-hero personified, the Bizzaro version of what Harvard Law School will continue to turn out, thanks to its success with Barack and Michelle Obama and Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Asante Sana, James H. Cone

THANK YOU so much for your work!

I only read one of your books, but I very much enjoyed it and found it very useful!

We are using our liberation intellectuals. Sadly, our current group sees this as just an intellectual pursuit, not a passionate documentation of resistance. Black history is supposed to sting on the page, and people like Cone, Ronald Walters, Lerone Bennett Jr., etc. understood this!