171-Word Review Of “What Men Want”

I had some free time at my theater, waiting for “Captain Marvel” to be screened last night. So I bought a ticket for–and saw–“The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.” (It was OK, but the thrill was clearly gone.) I, um, somehow got lost getting back to the lobby, so I watched the climax of “Fighting With My Family” (amazing how the U.K.’s working-class whites are portrayed in films as being just like Black people in the ‘Hood!), and then, continuing my lost journey, watched “What” from the beginning.

Um….why did, for the entire time, Henson remind me of Luther’s almost-but-not-quite crossover songs? She wants white people to like her REAL BAD. She tries to keep her “edge,” but she also wants their comfort level kept. A movie that could–and maybe should–have had serious edges copped out. And it’s clearly hard to write rom-coms: not because of the rigid format, but the fact that you have to be funny enough to make the audience forget it. This failed.

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