Tweets I Did Live For The Closing of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century’s International Reparations Conference Tonight (Saturday)


Please start from the bottom.

Beckles: 76 billion pounds in today’s money! #reparationsnow

Beckles: 20 million pounds of free labor—Africans paid for half of their own freedom in the U.K! #reparationsnow

Beckles: The Brits decided that there should be a transition from slavery to freedom #reparationsnow

Beckles: All of us have ancestors in Haiti, because so many went there to be free #reparationsnow

Beckles: Haiti declared that any enslaved Africans that would get there would be free #reparationsnow

Beckles: We must begin with Haiti #reparationsnow

Beckles: We must bring closure to European barbarity #reparationsnow

Beckles: New world of Pan-Africanism, African globalism and ancestral best #reparationsnow

Beckles: Time for him to go back to Spain #reparationsnow

Beckles: “The time has come to put Christopher Columbus back on the Santa Maria” #reparationsnow

Beckles: This world need to be cleansed from the demonic system of white supremacy #reparationsnow

Beckles: Calling for a new 21st century moral and economic order #reparationsnow

Beckles: Celebrate the work of “Ron and Don” #reparationsnow

Beckles: Where next will they take us? Reparations is saying: this is the end of the line #reparationsnow

Beckles: Family was thrown around to Panama and finally to the U.K. #reparationsnow

Beckles:  Watched his own parent laborers be under the thumb of the white man #reparationsnow    

Beckles:  They can shift our identities and locations, but at the end, we are Africans  #reparationsnow

Beckles:  At what stage do we sacrifice the self for the collective?  #reparationsnow

Beckles: “What we have sought to do is turn the world the right way up” #reparationsnow

Rojas: Beckles is a “true African warrior” #reparationsnow

Rojas: Introduces Sir Hiliary Beckles, who helped lead CARICOM to this point #reparationsnow

Dr. Hiliary Brown of CARICOM:  This is not about money, this is about raising consciousness #reparationsnow

Rojas: Congratulated Al-Jazeera for covering the IBW Summit #reparationsnow

Queen Mother Dr. Delois N. Blakely, quoting Queen Mother Moore, “Chillin’ go get your reparations!” #reparationsnow

Queen Mother Dr. Delois N. Blakely is about to be introduced, but Reparations Choir is first! #reparations now

Don Rojas, IBW21’s Communications Director, is introducing participants at the closing rally #reparationsnow

Listening to the reparations conference live on 99.5 WBAI-FM #reparationsnow

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