Tweets I Did Live For The Opening of the Institute of the Black World 21st Century’s International Reparations Conference Tonight (Thursday)

Please start at the bottom. I joined late, but I did get the keynote.

Herb Boyd on WBAI: It’s Paul Robeson’s birthday. #reparationsnow

Dr. Ron Daniels: Thanked 99.5 WBAI-FM for covering live #reparationsnow

 Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid: We must continue to monitor the condition of our two warriors, to prevent any murder by medical neglect. #freeMumia #BringMumiaHome #FreeHRapBrown #freepoliticialprisoners  #reparationsnow

 Imam Talib Abdur-Rashid: Before benediction, wanted to remember the plight of two political prisoners, Mumia Abu-Jamal  and Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, (H. Rap Brown) #freeMumia #BringMumiaHome #Free JamilAl-Amin #Free HRap Brown #freepoliticialprisoners  #reparationsnow

 Dr. Ron Daniels: Tomorrow we honor U.S. Rep. John Conyers Jr. We started in the Capital of Black America, and we will end in the People’s Republic of Brooklyn! #reparationsnow

 Dr. Adelaide Sanford: “We have declared that we shall be repaid for all that we have given and lost.” #reparationsnow

 Dr. Adelaide Sanford: Among the things Europeans stole from us was the “minds of our children.” Putting slaveholders before us as America’s Founding Fathers. #reparationsnow

 Dr. Adelaide Sanford: Of all Africans, it is African-Americans who have the least to show for the slave trade. #reparationsnow

Nkechi Taifa: Asks N’COBRA’s lifetime members to stand up: Dr. Leonard Jeffries, Dr. Ron Daniels and many others. #N’COBRA #reparationsnow

 Nkechi Taifa: N’COBRA made reparations a real issue for Black Americans through working with U.S. Rep. John Conyers and city councils across America. #N’COBRA #reparationsnow

 Nkechi Taifa: N’COBRA sought to make reparations “a household term.” It was “unthinkable” to think of reparations before N’COBRA! #N’COBRA #reparationsnow

  Nkechi Taifa is speaking right now in tribute of the National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America, a pioneer of the Black American reparations movement #N’COBRA #reparationsnow

 Roger Wareham of December 12th Movement: “They stole  us. They sold us. They owe us! Reparations now!” #reparationsnow

 U.N. Ambassador Rhonda King: “The time is now. The place is here. The building blocks are in hand.” #reparationsnow

 U.N. Ambassador Rhonda King of St Vincent and the Grenadines: CARICOM has arrived “at the crossroads of new opportunities.” #reparationsnow

 U.N. Ambassador Rhonda King of St Vincent and the Grenadines: “No great cause has never been done by doubtful men and women.” #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: “Reparations is right and fair, and I won’t give up until I get my share.” #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: “If I’m not angry, I’m stupid! If I’m adjusted, I’m useless!” #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: “America is in our debt. Owed repair of damage done.” #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: “To limit our history to 1954 up is a sin.” Where is discussion of 5,000 public lynchings? #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: Slavery is bad, but the thing worst than slavery is to adjust to it and rationalize it. #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson:  The NAACP was founded to make lynching illegal! #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: My father had to sit behind Nazi POWs and couldn’t use the restrooms they used. #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: “Don’t be confused about people being elevated to fly in someone else’s system.” #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: “The lineage of slavery is unbroken. And putting the Black man in charge of the white man’s plane does not change the fare or the plane.” #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: Most lynchings occurred after church on Sundays! #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: It was “open season” on Black people from 1870 to 1950. Almost 5,000 Blacks were lynched! #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: “When the laws changed from slavery to freedom, but the infrastructure did not change.” #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: Japanese Americans and Native Americans got “some measure” of reparations! #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: “America is the last [stop] of the slave train.” And “we left the slavemaster in charge of implementing abolition.” #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: The more educated you are, the more brainwashed you are to the issue of reparations. #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: “We are the creditors [of the nation], not the debtors. But since we’re brain-dead on the subject, it’s difficult to break through.” #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: “To not believe in reparations is to believe in ethnic cleansing as valid.”  #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: Blacks and whites are unified in not wanting to talk about it: “There is a fear of discussing reparations.” #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson: Thanks to Ron Daniels; don’t take him for granted! #reparationsnow

 Jesse Jackson is starting his keynote address at the opening of the Reparations Conference. #reparationsnow

 Listen to Bernard White and Herb Boyd give live commentary right now on the opening ceremony on 99.5 WBAI-FM.  #reparationsconference

 Dr. Leonard Jeffries: “We are the chosen of the Universe, and we need to make our demands.” #reparationsnow

 Reverend Jeremiah Wright: Reparations for “the greatest crime ever against humanity.” At opening of Reparations Conference right now #reparations now

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