It’s A Superhero World, Vol. 5


This might be my last posting of this type because I think I finally have accepted the very funny truth: there is a superhero press, and they work everyday like I used to do!

As the TV spots increase, I am getting more and more excited for you-know-what a little more than a month from now! (The “SNL” parody is making me keep it together. As well as the fan stuff. The GREAT fan stuff!)

Meanwhile, movie news and TV news–spinoffs?–abound. New, new, new, new, new. (And people to remember.)

(Related aside: Still recovering from that “Spider-Man” movie deal.)

More and more info. The news and rumorsand random thoughts and previews and images (and more images)–are faster than Quicksilver! Who’s interested in joining Marvel? There’s a new Jubilee? How diverse are the new Avengers in the comics? Who’s getting new costumes? Who has signed onto the Suicide Squad movie?

And even more fun stuff! How do Marvel and “Doctor Who” cross over? (And did I mention how good the fan stuff is–really good?)

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