It’s A Superhero World, Vol. 4


Okay, The Atom.



And now we know the membership of TV’s Teen Titans.



WOW! But I guess it is time, after 50 years!


And, speaking of Marvel:

Okay, Marvel is going with Ultimate Fantastic Four. (After all, the movie Avengers is Ultimate Avengers, so…) I read it, and didn’t hate it. So we’ll see if I like it, even if it’s not my Fantastic Four.



Crossover?!? YES!!!! I’m still excited! Less than four months to go!



Lotta geek buzz for “Agent Carter!” I try to catch glimpses of it when I’m home.

Enjoyed seeing The Howling Commandos!



Diggle as the John Stewart Green Lantern one day?!? It’s one of those ideas that I hate on paper, but I admit I wanna see it! LOL!

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