The Story Of One Black Family, In NYC Protesting Ferguson/Eric Garner Decisions


Who are these young activists, engaged in struggle? They are family members of my friend, the author Ericka Blount Danois.  From left: Sunny Moorhead, 11 (niece, in red); Ziggy Moorhead, 6 (nephew, with hat); daughters Lalia Danois, 12, and Maia Danois, 14, and sister Elissa Blount Moorhead.

Elissa Blount Moorhead’s emailed comments about the event and the pictures taken of them:

Beautiful images! Yes, that is Ziggy and his two cousins.  There were ones with him and Sunny and cousins on CNN and in a few papers.  It was a moving and incredibly organized and thoughtful event. I was nervous about taking them. There were rough moments with police and a lot of 6-year-old-level explanations (that, of course, I barely managed). At one point, Ziggy asked, “Aren’t the police supposed to help us?”  Punch in the gut for Mom. He asked today, “Are we gonna do our marches tonight?!?”  I said, “No, I think you guys made your voices heard and the grownups are working to fix it for you.”  He said, “Whew! Because I need to make some Pokémon cards!”  Innocence restored.  🙂

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