re: “Doctor Who” Season 8: I’m Not As Hard As The Writer Linked Below……


…….but I did feel this season felt a little more uneven than normal. It could be that it took me the whole season to adjust to the new Doctor. And boy, I said I wanted a darker Doctor, but instead I got a dark season. The good episodes were really good, Coleman showed she deserved to be the star of this season, and Season 8 was different, I’ll give it that. With more than 50 episodes into the “Nu Who,” the 50th anniversary, etc., maybe I’m suffering from “Doctor Who” fatigue.

I thought this was amusing!

NOVEMBER 18th UPDATE: This was funny, and GREAT!

And once again, “Children In Need” gets the sneak preview of the Christmas Special!

NOVEMBER 22nd UPDATE: Enjoyed this article.

DECEMBER 1st UPDATE: Okay, it was good to get these “mild spoilers.”

DECEMBER 13th UPDATE: Moffat answers his critics here.

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