The Rest of Marvel’s “Phase 3:” “Guardians Of The Galaxy 2,” “Thor: Ragnarok (a.k.a. “Thor 3″),” “Captain Marvel,” “Inhumans”


Enjoyed the first, particularly since I knew most of the villains from the comics. Can’t wait to see what is next, since, with Thanos as the baddie, I kinda know a little! LOL!






The “Thor” movies keep getting better, and with Loki and that title, how can it lose?





Captain Marvel

If anybody can take out Wonder Woman at the box office, it’s Carol Danvers!






As Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige said, with the amount of characters to deal with here, this could be a whole group of films right here!





So what have we learned from all this? That especially when we count the Nextflix deal, Marvel has LOST ITS DAMN MIND!!!! LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But what about Black Widow and the Hulk, the two utility characters in the Avengers movies? asked USA Today.

(And no SHIELD movie! Sorry, Sam! You’ll just have to continue being THE MAN is alladeese! LOL!)

(I also wonder how angry fanboys/girls are with the idea that Tony Stark/Iron Man will not be in his own movies. I think his trilogy is done, and I’m glad.)

MOVIE-LOVERS, PLEASE NOTE: I found a combined list of all of the announced Marvel (those that are part of “Phase Three” as well as not) and DC films here. My count is 31 films (!) over the next six (!) years!

And it is wrong–ungrateful, even!–to ask for The Silver Surfer? It is? Okay! I’ll wait! LOL! 🙂

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