It’s A Superhero World, Vol. 1


Okay, all of us fanboys knew this was coming, but WOW! So soon!

(I thought it amusing that Robert Downey Jr. was allovertheplace discussing his future with Marvel.)

I will definitely take “Civil War” over “Iron Man 4.” (Particularly since Marvel made it clear it was going that way.) And Downey knows he has plenty of time to do the other things on his agenda once he finishes counting his Marvel money. 😉

It’s it all about Item 6 of this article, or is it that Marvel is just determined to go for broke creatively–and politically?

Theories abound as to how this adaptation will be handled. (I like this one and this one and this one.)

This is a wonderful age to live in, to see Marvel this serious about translating its characters’ conflicts into entertaining films.

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