A 115-Word Review of “Guardians of the Galaxy”


I get why this kicked ass, box-office wise. This movie is what the critics say it is: fun, fun, FUN, FUNN-IE! (RT gave it a 92, the equal of “The Avengers” score.)

This movie just shows that there’s no overuse of clichés, just a lack of imagination on how to use them.

As someone who read, and once owned, all 146 issues of The Silver Surfer’s 1990s series, I was real happy to see a bunch of characters I knew–in the villain category!  Thanos! Ronan! Nebula (played by “Amy Pond!”)! And was that the Supreme Intelligence I saw for a minute?!? I’ll double-check when I go back to see it again! All that and classic Jackson 5 and anti-hero Howard the Duck! WOW!

AUGUST 6th UPDATE: As a kind of writer I always find this stuff interesting.

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