My Votes For The First Marvel Female Superhero Film


Lotsa buzz about this on the Web.

With a “Black Widow” film starring Scarlett Johansson too obvious to even mention (and assuming Marvel will pick Ms. Marvel), here are my votes:


Do a solo movie where she meets and marries The Black Panther! Two birds, meet stone! Cast the villains with famous white actors, and Bob’s your uncle! (I’m sure everyone is too afraid of another “Catwoman,” but still……)


A “Heroes For Hire” movie, starring Misty Knight!


Big fan of Sif in general and particularly movie Sif, but she would need some great backup stars (and maybe Loki?) to make people show up!


Illyana Rasputin! One of my favorite X-Men stories of my adolescence was when Colossus’ younger sister feel into a warp and emerged as a teenage witch. A “Magik” movie (coming out of an “X-Men” movie adaptation of the original story) would work on several levels.

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