First A Female Thor, And Now A Black Captain America?


The cool-ass Falcon is now Cap?

No, no, NO!

Marvel should use the REAL Black Captain America, from “TRUTH!”


Double V

See that “Double V” on that shield?!? TOO BLACK, TOO STRONG! LOL! 🙂

Marvel could also use the one from THE CREW–Josiah X, a.k.a. Justice!




Talking about the new, female Thor, I was telling a friend just this morning about the top five things mainstream superhero comic creators do to spur media coverage and sales:

1) kill them
2) change their powers/costume
3) Change their identity (new, younger male)
4) ” ” (make them female)
5) ” ” (make them Black or Latino)

Ten years from now, it’ll be like it never happened. 🙂

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