re: “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”: A Direction, At Last!


OOOOkay! NOW this show is FINALLY making sense! But did we really have to wait THHHIISS LOOOONNNNGGGG for it to get some direction?

So the whole season was just holding space for “Captain America: The Winter Soldier?” No wonder the season went soooo slow and had no answers!

Last night’s episode was the first one that could be compared to, say, a bad episode of “Arrow.”

(And the shocker turncoat Ward is deep-undercover! I’m not tricked! 🙂 )

And Fury’s in the Season Finale!

With Marvel planning to release movies for, well, forever, it looks like a new age–the Marvel Age of Media. 🙂 Marvel has gotten so cocky, it’s scheduling “Cap 3” against Superman, Batman AND Wonder Woman! LOL! 🙂

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