A Newcomer Opines About “HIMYM” Finale


Totally joined the bandwagon here! So, admitting that………….

Okay, read about the series enough to understand it, read the pilot episode while trying to teach myself how to write a sitcom (it read GREAT! [The “HIMYM” one, not mine :)]), and watched a few from different seasons in syndication while watching the episodes that led up to finale:

So, my verdict (for what it’s worth):

This was a classic case of over-ambition. (I agree with the rabid fans who complained that they had to sit through a whole [and final] season based on one (!) storyline that just should have been a two-parter, then a two-parter finale that could have been a whole/the last season. But I do admit putting that much history in a two-parter was interesting and punchy.) Your pilot said you were different from a certain NBC white-people-living-in-New-York-in-your-20s-show you “replaced” (that I’m still a huge fan of), and then, from the perspective of the fans, you took that back. (After making them weep.) The problem is this: you could have just watched the pilot and the two-parter finale, and you would have had THE WHOLE STORY.  So all of the bells and whistles–the narration, the flashbacks and flashforwards, etc.–didn’t really pay off.

I ALMOST got into this show, but never mind. When I want to watch fantasy New York City white people in the afternoon or evening, I’ll stick to the gang at Central Perk. 🙂

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