re: “The Bachelor”: What’s “Wrong” With Juan Pablo Galavis? Nothing Outside The Sexist Norm, Perhaps?


Boy, are a lot of people mad with this guy!

I was laughing all the way through, because he was clear what he was about all along: I’m gonna use my Latin charm, athletic six-pack and lookism completely to my advantage, since a group of fame-hungry women and a broadcast television network are allowing me the complete power to do so. I’m gonna be on TV dating and tonguing (and more) some princesses for a couple of months, and have ABC pay for it. Boy, this is fun! Oh, I’m sorry to hurt you.

(Now, I’m gonna stop oinking for a moment 🙂  to ask a feminist question: What kind of gender-conscious woman would volunteer–fight, actually!–to play this game in the 21st century? Talk about “enlightened sexism!” And no, “The Bachelorette” doesn’t even the score.)

Juan Pablo Galavis refused to play along with the show’s mythology last night (and, really, for the whole season), and exposed this series for the sham it was conceived to be, last year’s “happily ever after” couple be damned.

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