Re: “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD”: Six Episodes In…..


…..and I agree with a lot of this analysis. What is this show, exactly? An Americanized version of “Torchwood?” A spy show? A procedural? All of the above?

I respect that Joss Whedon is too much a deity to turn this into a Marvel character showcase, but why the hell not?!? I mean, they find a way to mention events from “The Avengers” (or “Iron Man 3”) EVERY week!

(And yes, I believe the fanboys and fangirls on the Web: the “new” Coulson is a LMD! And yes, it is much better than what I taped off of TV in 1998! LOL! :))

DECEMBER 19th UPDATE: Hmmm….. and okay…….

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