“Doctor Who” Keeps Regenerating

I’ve been home doing a lot of “binge viewing” of the first five seasons of the revived “Doctor Who.” The not-completely shocking news of Matt Smith’s departure (will the Twelfth Doctor be a white woman? a Black man?) had led me to think about all the actors who played the part.

(By the way, as of early June 2013, I’ve never seen Matt Smith’s Doctor. I plan on watching his episodes soon, when WETA UK airs them.)

The documentary linked below seems to be made around the time of “The Five Doctors,” one of my all-time favorite “Doctor Who” stories, but it’s copyright 2008 and is narrated by Paul McGann, the Seventh Doctor.

Doctor Who – The Five Doctors 1 by Michaelphive

Doctor Who – The Five Doctors 2 by Michaelphive

And, finally, I enjoyed this fan mashup of all of the Doctor’s regenerations thus far…..

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