X’D OUT (REFRAIN): A Deadline Poem


You know what peeps said what “42” said?

“I wonder if my son would have lived longer if I had given him another name.”

Jackie Robinson Jr. had problems

That he did not have time to solve before he died

at the age of 24.


And now, as Jack Bauer returns, more rerun drama

With the X’s?!? AGAIN?!? NO WAY

Malcolm Shabazz can’t die yet

He’s got a lot to live for (and make up for)

He was trying, and now you tell me he’s gone

Because of a bar tab?!?


Pop Pop is kept out of Paris in 1965

And Grand is bothered by the FBI for trying to go to Iran?!?


WHY?  It can’t be the name

But why does it always sound the same

“He was lying right there,” says the echo

You know what Sharon Robinson, Jackie Jr.’s sister, said?

“Because of his name, there was no hiding place.”

Inword. Indeed.

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