“Save WPFW!” Ulp, Wait, Too Late :(


Lemme get this straight: the Pacifica Board is taking off Black Classical Music (a.k.a. jazz) so that it can air shows from other Pacifica stations and radio shows from NPR and PRI?!?

I am a fan of some of the shows that are replacing the jazz. But 1) as a NPR fanatic,  I was perfectly fine with WPFW being a REFUGE from that hegemonic view and 2) Black people need to access the Realm of the Ancestors in the morning.

How is a network that is heading toward bankruptcy buying PRI and NPR programs ?????

I hope the current (and now, ex-)staff will do something other than complain. I’m pretty sure I know what would happen if the National Board tried this at KPFA and KPFK.

DECEMBER 1st UPDATE: Check here and here.

One response to ““Save WPFW!” Ulp, Wait, Too Late :(

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