Lawrence Hamm, Serious In Struggle For More Than 40 Years

I first covered Larry Hamm 26 years ago as a cub for The New Jersey Afro-American, and he had been in the struggle forever THEN! It was great to see “Like It Is” do this!


One response to “Lawrence Hamm, Serious In Struggle For More Than 40 Years

  1. Larry is one of the most inspiring people on our planet. He, not Obama, has the stature and unbending convictions necessary to be president. While we were drawn to Barack and his charisma, and of course his historic election as first non-caucasian president — who among us could not weep at the implication of that?

    Still, there was something that felt not right, something unsettling during his election campaign. It didn’t sit right to learn he was mentored by Zbigniew Brzezinski, a right wing democrat of the Scoop Jackson school of cold war politics.

    More study brought more questions and more suspicions. In the end, like Larry, we voted for Cynthia McKinney.

    Hamm’s built Peoples’ Organization for Progress over 25 years into a formidable force for good, from its base in Newark. The statewide organization has saved many victims of police wrong-doing, everything from rousting to assault with no cause. He also steers the POP membership to learn about international affairs, and the need to take stands and act for the sake of our world.

    POP is worth joining and supporting. Like all the “for real” action oriented progressive operations, POP needs money to grow and expand its programs to meet peoples’ needs. After the hopelessly corrupt democrat and republican parties — tweedledum and tweedledummer — POP’s the most influential group in New Jersey. It works at the highest standards of honesty, ethics and fairness in working to achieve dignity and justice for all.

    A great, inspiring leader worthy of your support. Help POP to help us all.

    Stuart Hutchison, Organizer
    Landline 973.406.7827
    Cell 862.226.6939

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