And Now, Cap (and "The Avengers"!!!!)

To be honest, I had to surpress a giggle when I walked up to the box office and said, “One for Captain America.” The giggle told me that I had been waiting to say that since I was at least eight.

The new film is borderline GREAT. (I think the chemistry between the male and female leads needed a little tweaking, but I’ll be happy to see it again and again until I ignore that and move it up past the border.) It is EASILY the best superhero movie of the summer. I LOVED seeing “The Howling Commandos” in this film! And the ending…..! And the post-credits scene/trailer! 🙂



This film almost put tears in my eyes because it was so much better than those awful 1970s television movies and that 1990 straight-to-DVD film.

I never thought of Captain America as a patriotic, white-supremacist figure; I liked him because he was colorful, kicked ass and had that great shield.

It’s a wonderful thing to have a goal. Mine: to see a GREAT “Avengers” movie on May 4, 2012!


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