Obsessed With One (Magic) Word

Why, oh, why, did somebody at work yesterday tell me this was coming out on DVD next month?!? Now, I can’t get this intro out of my mind!!! LOL!!! 🙂

(I really like the mashup here. The black-and-white footage is from the 1941 serial, considered one of the best of that genre ever made. (See video below for Chapter 1.)

One of the greatest shows ever—if you were 6-years-old in 1974.  🙂 One day, I need to write the African version of this and have DC Comics sue me. (Which would be real ironic, considering….. :)) It would be worth it! I mean, a young African man or woman who would talk directly to the African gods/immortals and use their powers?!? Hmmm……

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