Hands Down, My Favorite (Televised) American History Discussion

I’ve never heard or seen all of the the famous “Black Athena Debate” from 1996, so putting that to the side……

Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters, Lerone Bennett Jr. I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed a historical discussion so much. Real debate! Real audience comments! (And where was this happily stereotypical Harlem audience during the Malcolm X-Manning Marable discussion?!? LOL! 🙂 ) And why won’t C-SPAN allow embedding of this fantastic 2000 discussion?

Twenty years ago this coming Labor Day I came to Maryland to try to become a serious student of history. Thousands of hours of goofing off later :), I’m very inspired by this. (As my anniversary approaches, Bennett keeps coming back into my head.) Time to go back and read those Ebony “encyclopedias” Bennett (clearly) wrote and edited.

The respectful review that Bennett thanked Foner for is here.

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