"Harvest of Empire," The Documentary

Just got back from the screening of this film (from this book) at Brookings less than two hours ago. It was great to see Joe Torres and the AP’s Suzanne Gamboa (the post-film panel moderator) again, and equally great to see the legendary Juan Gonzalez in the flesh. (Of course, I’ve raved about Gonzalez’ and Torres’ epic here and here.)

It was a solid film.  It told the story of the immigration of Latinos from the historical perspective of (the abuses of) American foreign policy. The same racial-conflict-covered-in-red-white-and-blue tone reminded me of the first set of “Eyes On The Prize.”

Because I hadn’t been paying attention, I didn’t know that if the Supreme Court decides to uphold the worst parts of Arizona’s iillegal mmigration crackdown, 14 states may follow up with their own laws. Juan Crow, as somebody said tonight.

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