Movements Mainstreamed, Or Just Another Day In America?

A new movement that is not completely a movement (didja hear about the “Occupy” reality show yet? 🙂 ) has luminaries that are not completely leaders. “Democracy Now!” profiled in Monday’s New York Times. West profiled on NPR’s “All Things Considered” yesterday.  <a href="”>West and Michael Moore on “Democracy Now!” for the hour yesterday. Okay, legitimate (elite) public recognition for legitimate work. (Perhaps the mainstream will pay a little more attention now.)  But for people and institutions that are supposed to be “grassroots,” it  feels a little too elitist and chummy around these parts, with these (anti?) establishment folks being both sincere and playing their part–as in prescribed role. Perhaps this is just the nature of American society–particularly if you graduated Harvard, as Goodman and West did (and I guess in Goodman’s case, we could argue whether Radcliffe was or wasn’t Harvard when she attended 🙂 ), and worked for the white leftist elite, the way Michael Moore did. What about the grassroots co-host Juan Gonzalez, you might ask? Well, thanks to the Ford Foundation (and “Democracy Now!”‘s significant exposure, I might add), he’s on a book tour. Again, maybe this is just America. Cue Don King–or Tom Hayden. 😉

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