A Poem By Rudwaan AmenRa Lumumba: "I Am Troy Davis Today"



Yesterday I was Sean Bell, Amadou Diallo


So many others how far will this go


How long will we gag on this diet from he who oppresses


Hold the presses, this just in, another African killed by injustice


I am Troy Davis



No doubt about it their system is unjust


But that’s not the only thing killing us


Black people wake up we’re killing us


The shame and pain of the maafa is still in us


Black boys filled with self-hate are stealing us


I am Troy Davis today

But who will stand now and say I am Tayshana Murphy


She was only 15 they say it was mistaken identity


He was black, she was black, where’s the mistake in that


Stop lying to yourselves Black people


If we really be Troy Davis then the frequency should ripple


Predominantly Black hoods should be the safest place for Black people


But instead we’re hunted by the hunter and the hunted


bars on windows, triple deep dead bolts got imaginations stunted


I am Troy Davis today

Tomorrow I’ll go back to being the demon that haunts the hood


that crack dealer dealing death to Black wombs


Black woman stripping her soul on poles paying rent in private rooms


I’ll be that black pimp for whom that little black girl walks in the moon


The gang-banger gang banging black boys into black men too soon


but until the needle hits the vein


I’ll respond and say


I am Troy Davis




Move The Village To Higher Ground

Comes The Storm

ActGlobal                       ThinkUniversal

Rudwaan AmenRa Lumumba



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