Lord, "Help" Us :)

Since I loved “Captain America,” with its desegregated (!) military, I’m on no moral ground to criticize this movie.  (Although, having said that: did we really need to see a film about a grown up Scout? LOL!  All these people don’t think so. So, now, in 2011, The “Magic Negroes” are now maids? AUUUGGGHHH!!!!) I did, however, enjoy Viola Davis’ frankness here.

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2 responses to “Lord, "Help" Us :)

  1. Ph.D. Todd B., you handled this topic well with the MSNBC clip. Off course a Hollywood-style movie about Mississippi is going to A-historical. And yes, it’s a miracle that is movie got made because how can anyone not be “incoherently angry” about the condition of Mississippi black folk in the 1960s?
    BTW, the “Help” book, which is criticized as light and fluffy, was rejected by 60 publishers before it was picked up, author Stockett told a packed and appreciated NABJ audience last week.

    • Thanks, Wayne. No offense meant to Ms. Stockett, but I think the book SHOULD HAVE BEEN rejected by those publishers! LOL! Fantasy about reality should be labeled (“Captain America”). Many of us are afraid that this novel, now movie, will be the dominant image in people’s heads when they think about Movement-era domestics. I go through this all the time with students, who think that because they saw Denzel Washington in a goatee they now know everything they need to know about Malcolm X. We need other movies that make people (read: whites) uncomfortable.

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