A (Kinda) New Superman (And An Old Bat-Character Returns!)

For the non-comics fan, the above images of the revised Superman costume(s?) are no big deal. But to comics geeks……WTF?!?!?!?! And then to hear about how the Clark-Lois marriage might be gone! (Just like Spider-Man, huh?) WOW! (Ladies and Gentlemen, the NEW DC.) Wonder how long it’s going to take George Perez to put him together with Wonder Woman! LOL!

Okay, my new mantra is “I trust Grant Morrison….I trust Grant Morrison….”  How can I not, since he wrote Perhaps The Greatest Superman Story of All Time (the animated film version recently out on DVD)?

IMPORTANT ASIDE: I thought this—and the discussion it’s generated—has been an interesting part of the reboot/relaunch.


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