142-Word "Thor" Review (w/Some Related Misc.)

Very, VERY good! It could have been GREAT but, alas, Marvel doesn’t care that much; these movies are  just not that deep for The House of Ideas. (Moviewise, trade “Ideas” with money.) Kudos especially to Idris Elba, who could, and would, have stole the movie if his part had been greater. He has had to deal with a lot of crap from white fanboys, and his performance should shut folks up, a la Obama ( with birth certificate in one hand, Osama’s head in another) vs. Tea Party. More proof that there are no such thing as a small part if you are a great actor.

Onward to superhero movies “X-Men: First Class,” “Green Lantern” and “Captain America: The First Avenger.” I predict the DC property will be the best one this summer.

Then there’s the property below, which Marvel made famous in the 1970s:


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